The main goal of the B-Learning for all project was the development and setting up of an online web-based Blended Learning Portal that will serve as an e-learning environment, information system, discussion forum, promotion and dissemination tool around the topics of the uses of blended learning concepts and the latest developments in virtual learning environments and technologies to increase the teacher’s and VET trainer’s knowledge and accessibility of new e-learning technologies and resources.


The e-Portal placed free multilingual information and learning resources at teachers’ and trainers’ disposal about blended learning concepts, mobile and e-learning technologies and other new and fast emerging learning / training methodologies and techniques. Accessing those multimedia-rich online resources the teachers and trainers learn:


What is blended learning?

When and where can the companies use it effectively?

How to design blended learning environments?

How to get the best results from blended learning?

How to use effectively mobile learning technologies?

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