e-Coaching et Apprentissage des Langues

This project ECAL (funded by the Erasmus Programme) wants to explore and promote the role of the L2Learning Supporters using web-based Online Educational Resources (OER). The artnership will develop a methodology and a guide on supporting self-directed language learning.Other project outcomes are an Analysis of the State of Art in online language learning, two e-courses (1x learners, 1x supporters) a guide and a elearning platform where all project outcomes will be available. The project was submitted by 6 partners (France, 2x Italy, UK, Poland and Austria).


There are following project outcomes available:


(EN)  Analysis of the State of Art of online language learning.


(DEU) Project Blog


(DEU) Handbook for Learners


(DEU) Handbook for Supporters 


(IT, FR, EN) Learning platform for Learners and Supporters


(DEU) Five Newsletters


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