Responsible Drinking


Wine is a symbol of European way of life and culture. The EU is the largest wine producer in the world as well as the first exporter. In fact in the majority of the European countries the wine consumption is a daily routine that enters to belong to the food culture. Some wine phenomenon have negative value (alcoholism, dependence, isolation) and others, contrarily, stimulate the sociality, the territorial culture, the healthy and aware eating and represent an heritage of cultivation, appreciation and diversity. Europeans’ cultural appreciation of wine reflects the variety of the European experience, and culinary habits.

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Partners of the GRUNDTVIG learning partnership are firmly convinced that a correct knowledge tied up to the wine, to the traditions that subtend the production of such drink, to the culture of the territory that produces and consumes it - to summarize to the "responsible drinking"- is at the same time source of food quality and prevention of the abuse phenomenon. The philosophy of the project is that of an engagement in the difficult challenge to bring the consumers, from every target, toward corrected and aware modalities of consumption.




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